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Advantages of using WordPress as a CMS for your website include flexibility and Adaptability for clients Changing Needs and Plugins with Extend Functionality.

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Wordpress Sites rank high on Google largely because WordPress includes a variety of tools and plugins for optimisation. It does also depend on the content provided by the client.

Another good reason for using WordPress as a CMS is the support offered by the large community of WordPress developers worldwide.

These are just some of the reasons why WordPress is used by over 32% of all CMS based websites Worldwide!

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Our sites are hosted on Hybrid Technology Servers. Webspace and Webserver are hosted on the same platform, which increases site performance

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Our contracted hosting avails of RailGun CDN technology where the sites are mirrored on over 60 hosting farms to provide for stability and redundancy, as well as speed.

Sites are protected agains DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service), a disruptive attack which is meant to stop your online visibility.

All sites are SSL Certified and avail of SiteLock Malware protection.

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Regular backups on diverse media ensure peace of mind, knowing that even in the unlikely eventuality of a disruption of service, a backup is only a few clicks away. We take care of reinstating your site should the unthinkable happen. The CMS and all pertaining Plugins used for your project are kept up to date as to avoid malicious attacks and hacks, as well as ensuring that all Plugins are kept up to date with the latest versions and releases of WordPress.

An active Firewall is always installed on your project’s backend, helping avoid the torrent of Bot attacks and log in attempts which are unfortunately a reality which one must face nowadays.

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An Integral part of Web 2.0 Websites is the ability to sell products, whether material or virtual, and whether on one off payments or as subscriptions, we can easily setup your web shop and help you set up the necessary payment gateways to start selling as fast as possible. Woo Commerce is the shop system of choice. It is designed to work seamlessly with WordPress and is always being updated and made more secure thanks to the large base of developers constantly striving to better this open source plugin.

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