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December 2009 was the beginning of then Divello Travellounge GmbH. Since then we have made changes to the core business of the company, always keeping a focus on travel related online business.

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Pages have changed, pages have been added, but the core belief is that of providing clients with affordable quality. No compromise.

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Divello was founded in 2009 along with 21Torr (Reutlingen) as co partners. The cooperation was dissolved and is now a 100% independent GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main.

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Whereas core business remains travel, we also offer web dessign and provide support in web related projects, be they of travel nature or other.

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WBS Blank is the tour operating software of choice in Germany and Austria. It’s proven track record and stability make it a workhorse for large tour operators.

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We have provided solutions for use with backend data processing to give our clients a clear, visual feed of sales and projections.

AI learning processes can predict and help decision makers in this highly competitive field.

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Gravity, programmed by Rightbrain Co. Ltd. in cooperation with Divello is an API based snippet which reads customer data on WBS Blank.

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Using Gravity resulted in simplifying sales reporting and providing users of WBS Blank software with a user friendly, highly customisable user interface to report sales, and provide selling agencies with up to date sales reports and commision reports.

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